96% THC


Cake She Hits Different-Stardust

Buy Cake Stardust. Looking for a super stimulating and soothing high that will boost your spirits before helping you to eventually get to sleep? Stardust OG is completely made for you. This cub packs a full- bodied high that will have you spirits flying grandly into sweet swoon while helping your body to settle into a state of pure calm and ease. You will feel stimulated from launch to finish with a smoothly arousing stitch that starts in the chine and the reverse of the neck before working its way forward throughout your entire body. This stitch has a super comforting undertone that will help both mind and body settle down, before dropping both into a heavy, sleepy sedation. With these goods and its super high average THC position and 9- 10 CBD position, Stardust OG is frequently chosen to treat those suffering from conditions similar as habitual pain, appetite loss or nausea, wakefulness, inflammation and cramps or muscle spasms. This cub has a racy and flowery flavor with a sweet and gooey exhale. Buy Cake Stardust



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